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I have put all my text on a baseline grid of 4mm/11,34pt. I want to use baseline offset for my header text (17 pt) to set the top of the header text at the same height as the of the body text in the next column. I need a baseline offset of 30 percent to get this effect. When I use a baseline offset of more than 1 percent the text is put the right percentage up, but the body text underneath the header is pushed down 1 line. See the attached screenshots.

Scribus-baseline-offset-0.png is situation without baseline offset for header.
Scribus-baseline-offset-30.png is situation with a baseline offset of 30 percent. Header is correctly positioned, but first line of body text is pushed down 1 line.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong.

I have no real response, but do you get the same result with a different font?

I tried a different font, Arial for header and body text.
A baseline offset above 6% gives the same effect.
I want to use Montserrat Bold 17pt for header and Lato Regular 9pt for body text.
I am using the appimage of Scribus 1.5.8 on Linux Mint 20.3 (based on Ubuntu 20.04).
I downloaded the appimage from the Scribus website.

Oh, but wait, now when I think of it, is this not the effect the baseline offset should give?

My interpretation is that it moves the baseline of the text down, i.e. the basline that aligns to the basline grid ends up a bit below the basline of the actual text?

No, sorry, I am thinking wrong here... What I describe above is what happends to the headnig, yes. But the question is why it affects also the following paragraph.

But maybe the paragraph spacing is based on the offset baseline? So when you move the baseline the "space" to next paragraph is also moved down.

I have tested the baseline offset in different versions of Scribus on Windows 10. I was not able to get older, working versions of Scribus for linux.
In the versions 1.4.8 and 1.5.1 the offset reacts as I expected, the header text is placed as expected and de body text keeps its place.
From version 1.5.2  the offset does not react as I expected, the header text is placed as expected but the body text is pushed 1 line down.
See the attached screenshots.
Should I report this as a bug?


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