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Font "sliced" after pdf export

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Hello Scribus community,

when exporting my document to a pdf file one font I'm using gets "sliced", what I mean with that is that wherever the font crosses itself it's not black as it should be but transparent (see attached screenshots font_pdf_export.png for the broken font). The font I'm using is "Emmylou Signature Bold X Sl". When using print to pdf the font looks correct.

How can I fix the pdf export?
Is there a configuration I have wrong?

I'm working on Windows 10 with the version 1.4.8. Build ID: C-*T-*-C1.8.6-Windows without Ghostscript.

I'm pretty new to scribus and new to this forum, if I can provide any additional information let me know! Any help is appreciated!


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I am no expert, but I think I have read somewhere that in a properly designed font the strokes should never cross.

But I may remember completely wrong.

My guess: The font information for display does have a bug, because it prints correctly. Seems this font is rendered on the display as a simple vector graphic, where you get these cutouts.

Maybe you can get a similar and better font at

Do you use the *.ttf (TrueType) version? It might be that the Open Type version renders bug free.

Hey toyotadesigner,

thanks for your suggestions, I checked and I actually have a *.ttf as well as an *.otf version of the font. When opening both with the default windows font inspection the *.otf does show the issue I have but the *.ttf version doesn't. So I uninstalled the *.otf version and only kept the *.ttf version.
Unfortunately this didn't solve my issue yet, in the generated pdf the font still looks ugly. I'll try restarting my PC


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