Many duplicates in Transifex

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The past couple of weeks I have taken up the Dutch translation rather thoroughly:
- Adding lots of missing translations
- Approving (and correcting) translations made earlier
- Fixing undesired use of capitals and word spacing (words are combined in germanic languages!)
- Bringing consistency across many translation strings (and still lots to check)

In doing this I noticed that there are a lot of duplicates among the 7687 GUI strings in Transifex.
Duplicate GUI strings that lead to additional work for the translators and an increased risk at inconsistencies, particularly when teams of translators are involved.

Question for the development team:
If a new GUI element is created, wouldn't it make sense to search the 7687 strings and refer to an existing one, rather than creating a new one?
Reuse of GUI strings leads to:
- increased consistency throughout the project
- less translation work
- in fact: a new GUI element might be translated immediately without a translator getting involved