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Mac OS-- Safe to upgrade from Catalina to Monterey (for Scribus)?


I'm currently successfully running Scribus 1.5.8 on my Mac using OS Catalina. I'd like to upgrade to Monterey, but I'm reluctant until I know that Scribus will work on Monterey. So my question is simply this: will Scribus work on Monterey, and if so, are there necessary steps I need to take to upgrade?

Joy Hecht:
I assume you got this sorted out ages ago?  But just in case you still wanted a reply, I'm running 1.5.8 on Monterey and it works.  I wish 1.4.8 ran on Monterey, it worked much better, but I had to upgrade my computer and now I'm stuck with 1.5.8.  Oh well!


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