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Mixed Indic and latin texts in the same textbox.

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--- Quote from: Ewac on March 08, 2022, 08:26:06 am ---I would recommend you to look into Fontforge, a freeware program to create and edit fonts. You can create a new custom font, combining your preferred Lating font and Bengali font. I have done this with Latin and Khmer fonts and it solved a lot of problems for me when working with bilingual documents, page numbering and so forth.

Open your preferred Bengali font in fontforge and save a copy to be your custom font.
Open your preferred Latin font and transfer the necessary Latin characters into the respective unicode places in your custom font by simple copy and paste.
Save your custom font and use it for your bilingual documents.
(this is a simplyfied explanation, not a proper tutorial)

This might be a little bit of work to set it up at first (depending on how many Latin characters you want to use) but saves you tonns of work and headaches in the future

--- End quote ---

Thank you very much. That is an excellent suggestion to create a few fonts with my preferred Bangla and Latin fonts.


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