Shaded shape line of an image is it possible?

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I was looking if is it possible to have the border of an edited shape of an image shaded not cut.
I hope i made my self clear because my bad English and don't know if the words i used are correct
I made some search but it seams its not possible



Hi again
As a newbie I don't know if:
1 - the question is too stupid
2 - the question is not understandable for my bad english
3 - there's no solution

(Dead line is tonight...)
Thanks in advance


hi woal

i don't really understand your goal.
could you share a picture?

but your deadline is a bit close...



you can do a drop shadow on an image frame, the image frame can be any drawn shape...


After reading the question a couple if times, I think it is about having the image fade out instead of being "hard cut" at the edge of the frame.

I don't think it is possible in Scribus, but I suppose any image editor would be able to apply gradient transparency to the edges of an image.


That's exactly what i meant!

I ended using gimp as you suggested
I was curious as a newbie in scribus.
Because i don't think should be a difficult function.

Anyway the image was sent
thank everybody for the answers and the effort to understand my English ;)