Inserting lines, shapes, or graphic images into a Text Frame

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This is similar to my last question... but perhaps there's a solution for this one.

How can I insert a line, shape, or a graphic image inside a Text Frame? 
I want the graphics to flow with the text.

Can I select, move, or edit the line, shape, or graphic after it has been inserted?


Images do not get inserted into a text box, they are put in an image frame and then can be moved anywhere on the page, the "SHAPE" controls text flow


I think it might be helpful for you to reconsider your workflow. If you want these objects flow with the text, I assume that you insert images and such and then afterwards go back to previous parts of your document and do some major editing on the text that would cause everything to move around. If that is the case, consider changing the workflow. Obviously this may differ, depending on the kind of document you work on.

First get your content ready, meaning your text is written, checked, corrected and so forth. You might want to work with a regular word process programm to do that.
Then set up your document, sizes, margins and all that.
Place your text and create styles, decide on font, text sizes, spacing between lines and paragraphs and so forth.
Then you start adding other items such as graphics, shapes and so on and adjust the text, texboxes or whatever as needed.
Try to work from the beginning to the end, so that something you have worked on already does not get messed up by major changes on previous pages.
Personally, when working with long documents, I prefer to use linked textboxes only within a chapter or unit at a time, so that changes in one part do not effect other parts as much.

Hope this helps and feel free to send me a dm if you have more questions. singing on the same team over here  :D