Adding Spell- and Hyphenator-Dictionary for new Language

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Hello, I would like to use a spell- and hyphenator-checker for the Khmer language. I downloaded and installed a Hunspell Khmer dictionary for open office / libre office and it works very well in there. From what I have been reading in the forum, Scribus also uses Hunspell dictionaries, so I would think it shouldn't be too difficult to use this dictionary in Scribus as well. However, when I go to windows/resources/spellingdictionaries, the Khmer dictionary is not in either of the two lists (even after updating the available list).

Scribus version 1.5.5.
Document language and styles language already set on Khmer
Spell Checker offers a list of languages, but not Khmer
The Khmer dictionary I want to use can be found for example at

Thank you for any help with this!


I had to install the languages I want to spellcheck in Scribus system wide, like here:

Was the same for Ubuntu 22.04.