Insert image without creating first a frame?

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Is there a single "Insert Image" action? I could only find a workflow where you have to first create an image frame and then insert an image or drag and drop from the file browser. I'm looking for a:
1. Press shortcut "Insert image"
2. File browser appears
3. You choose an image file.
4. Image appears on the layout.

I'm trying to insert an image in the same way you would when drag and dropping an image from a file manager. Instead of drag and dropping it a file browser would appear in the same way when it appears when you press ctrl+D (Get Image) on an image frame.

I'm trying to avoid creating a frame and then adjusting it to the inserted image. The image has already correct size, so the behavior of drag and drop is desirable. But a single "Insert image" action would be useful.

Is that possible?


Oh okay, I found the "" script already. It was shipped with my scribus.

I would welcome adding it to the main "Insert" menu. I find it much more intuitive.

Found it while reading this article:


you also have

- extras > picture browser (which you can reach with the keyboard by typing "alt x p")
- insert > frames (which has a terrible UI)

since loading images and text have the same keyboard shortcuts, it's not currently possible to trigger the inserting of the image without a frame already been selected...

probably, having two different shortcuts might be a better solution, but

- "alt f i" is mostly fast enough
- it needs a new concept on how frames are (created and) filled and there is some work to get there...

i don't see changes coming soon to this part of code...