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Table of Contents in Scribus 1.5.5


Sue Millard:
Hi all
I have recently installed Scribus 1.5.5 on a new laptop running Linux Mint 20. I had been using an older version of Scribus for some years to produce a magazine with a generated TOC and had no problems, so I expected this to do the same.
My question is - I can't persuade V 1.5.5 to generate a TOC. Is there now a different set of steps I need to go through, please?


Sue Millard:
Solved: I repeated all the usual steps, setting up TOC in the Document setup and identifying the frame in which I wanted it to appear, adding attributes to the frames I want to reference, etc. Nothing.

In a paddy, I randomly typed some text into the intended target TOC frame and tried again, and behold, the TOC was generated.

Hello, I have been creating a monthly newsletter for over a year now. The previous editors just manually created a table of contents so that is what I have been doing too.  I thought I should be able to generate one automatically but haven't found any instructions that worked.

I am using Scribus version 1.5.7 on a Linux pc. 

Can you please tell me what "the usual steps are"?   Also, what is a paddy?   Thank you.


This is a simple explanation of how to create at TOC.


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