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Inserting a textbox inside a textbox

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I'm having trouble getting this feature to work properly.

I *can* insert a textbox inside another, however, after I do, the box is no longer editable.
Does anyone know how to make this work properly.

Right now, all I can do is insert the box in the containing page.  This will allow the object to be placed, and editable, however it will not flow when the text in the main text box is changed.

Any ideas?

a text box on top of another text box?,  "Shape" works if this is what you are trying to do

If I understand right, ising4jesus wants the text frame to move with the text, inside the text frame (the same way as an inline image frame inside a text frame does?).

You're correct, Nermander. 

I already know I can put a box on top of the text... but the box will not flow with the text. 
The text frame will flow, but it is un-editable, once inserted.

I went ahead and reported this as a bug on the Scribus bug-reporting website.
If anyone can think of a good work-around, I'm all ears!  ;-)

did you read the answer from jean ghali to your bug report?
if your scribus version doesn't support the editing of inline objects, you might need to update to something more recent…



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