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Hello !

I would like to know if it is possible to make a clickable TOC with Scribus.

I have made a course material of just over 30 pages and I would like my trainees to be able to click through to the part that interests them.

I found an old post about it on the wiki but it was from 2017. I think that with version 1.5, things have surely evolved.

Someone to help ?

Thank you :)


Hello Nairo,

Not sure if you still need the info, but yes, this is possible.
You can create TOC annotations for any object you have in your file. Since your TOC is one big object (textframe) and you don't want to link the whole TOC to a certain place you need a work around. You can place an empty text frame over the words you want to be "clickable" and then make an annotation for that text frame to be a link to that chapter.

Right click on text frame -> PDF options -> is PDF annotation
Then again: Right click on text frame -> PDF options -> annotation properties
Choose type: Link, then choose the page (and position on that page if applicable) you want the link to lead to.

Now when you export the file to PDF, you can click on the chapter name in the TOC (or the invisible empty text frame over that word, to be correct), and you will automatically jump to that page with that chapter.

Not sure if there is an easier option, but this is what I did for course material and it worked perfectly