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Margin paragraph?


Is there a way to make margin notes that link with the text? The note will be linked to a certain point in the text in a text frame. When the text moves, the margin note moves with it, like \marginpar in LaTeX?

Thank you it advance.


Not now.
Maybe in the future...

Meho R.:
Well, LaTeX is a "typesetting system", while Scribus is a "page layout application". The difference? "Page layout" does imply a lot of "manual" work. And, after all, that is the main point of this kind of apps...

yes, you're right but...
scribus should (and i guess will at sometime) have relative positioning.
most of all for footnotes!
also -- in modern books -- side notes are also something you want your program to be managed by your application.
typesetting programs must do it, page layout applications should do it...


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