The image covers the page number

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problem - the image covers the page number.
The page number is located in the Master Page. If I add an image to the page that covers the entire page, the page number is not visible (see the attached image). Is there any way to make the page number visible?
Can anyone help?


have you tried putting the page number on the master page on a layer that is above the other layers?


What version of Scribus are you using? I have a slight memory that in earlier versions the Master pages were always behind the main contents, but that this was fixed in a later version.

I just did a quick search and found this post:,3938.0.html


Perhaps make the image a little smaller? Looks like it wouldn't take much to uncover the page number.
Or you could edit the master page to move the page number a little lower in the text bot it is in. Seems like it is aligned to the top of the frame
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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hi kaspar

  • if you work with scribus 1.5.x, patjr told you the solution. (place the page number on a higher layer than the image...)
  • in scribus 1.4.x you should put a text frame with the page number on top of the image and send it to the scrapbook. a double click on the scrapbook item will insert it with the original coordinates on the current page. (or you switch to scribus 1.5.8...)

Scribus is 1.5.8.
Page number is highest layer and image is lowest layer, but the page number is on Master Page and image is on "normal" page. The result is that the image covers the number.


In 1.5.8 layers should work across master pages. Are you really using layers, and not refering to the "level" of the objects?

I just did a quick test here, the text frame is on the Master page and the image on the normal page. They are on separate layers.

Thank you, Nermander! Problem solved!