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Phantom A's & Arabic glyphs within text box after saving


Hello everyone!

I'm creating my 2nd book with Scribus (1.4.8). So I'm trying to figure out which (Open Source) fonts will look best. But I'm having a hugely frustrating issue and I can't find anything about this online. I believe I had this issue with the first book too (many scribus versions ago), but settled on less exciting fonts that worked.

1) I create content with text box.
2) Save
3) Reopen to see my text with random letters, most often 'A's or sometimes Arabic glyphs

Not all fonts do this ... but many do... the ones I like.. do.  :'(
For months I've been clicking / unclicking / toggling / disabling features / doesn't seem to be proofreading marks or anything that I can find... hope to be wrong here.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

PS. for some reason I can't take screen shots anymore (FML) so my example is a bad photo  ;D

Oops, that's Scribus 1.4.8

...and the symbols show up on my print preview too FYI

Could this be a "Show Control Characters" issue?  Check View/Text Frames/Show Control Characters is checked.If that isnt the case it may be an issue with the font. Try changing the font and see if that "removes" the "A" from showing.

Hi there! I appreciate your suggestion. It definitely looks like it would be something like that. But sadly that doesn't work either. I do think you're correct that it's the fonts. Have a nice week.  :)

Not knowing what fonts you are using makes it harder to verify on my end. I'd swap out the font and see if the undesired effect persists. If so then you may have found a bug.


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