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Hanging link from text frame on last page of document


I am running Scribus 1.4.8 on a Raspberry Pi 4B with 4GB of RAM.  I am currently building a 96 page document (700KB) and all was going well until I discovered that there appears to be a trailing link from the last text frame pointing out into empty space.  Exporting the document as a pdf then results in a warning that pages with numbers larger than 96 are faulty.  By choosing to ignore the warnings and proceed with the export I get a perfectly good pdf file.  If anybody knows (a) why this is happening, and(b) how to cure it, I'd be very grateful to hear.

I have the same problem with random linked text boxes appearing far off the end of the document by themselves. No idea why it happens or how to prevent it, but very interested to find out

Further to my original post, I have managed to remove the hanging link by repeated deletion of the final visible page.  However Scribus still seems to think there is something beyond the final page, as the pre-flight verifier shows two non-page items, shown in the attached screenshot.  Can these items be removed?  Page deletion doesn't seem relevant, as they aren't pages! 

hi peterh

if you can't find your free text frames somewhere around your pages, you may select them in the 'outline' window (they are listed as 'free objects'…) scribus will display the selection in the main window and you can edit, move or delete them.


Thanks, utnik.  It worked perfectly, and the .sla file is now clean.


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