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Trouble importing graphs to Scribus

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Thanks for the tip. From the Outline window I can see that the text is imported as polygons and polylines.
So the issue is not in the export to PDF, but either with the export to .eps or the import into Scribus.

The reason for this is accessibility for blind people and convenience (to allow copy-paste values from the PDF). While not as important on the graphs, it is more relevant for the tables (which I'm also trying to copy from Calc) that exhibit the same problem.

OK, I got a bit further.

The .eps export from LibreOffice Draw was not OK.
Opening the .svg file in Inkscape and exporting to .eps there solved it.
I uploaded the new file ("DummyInkscapeUngrouped.eps") to the GDrive I linked in the original post.

If I import this file to Scribus I now see that it is imported as text - it is shown as text in Outline window and if I print the file to PDF it is selectable.

However, the layout and the font changed during the import, spacing is messed up.

If I view the .eps file in other tools (e.g. IrfanView, GDrive) it looks normal, so the export itself seems to be OK.

Are there any nuances to .eps import I should be aware of?

As for fonts I'd check and see if your scribus font path is pointing to the right set of fonts. There maybe some path issues as to where Inkscape may look for fonts on your system and where scribus looks for them. Check their preferences and make sure they use the same set of fonts. inkscape my use a default set that scribus can see. also check if there is an option to embed the fonts used in inkscape for the exported file. that may solve the issue.


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