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Trouble importing graphs to Scribus

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I'm having issues importing graphs, particularly the text-part.

I have a few graphs that I created in LibreOffice Calc.
Now I'm looking for a way to import that into Scribus so that when I make the final PDF publication the text will still be selectable (converting to images is not an option).
I'm using Scribus 1.4.8.

To start with, the .ods file I get from Calc is not directly importable, so it needs to be converted to something else first.
Calc doesn't offer any useful exports, so I'm copying my content to LibreOffice Draw and exporting there.
Draw gives more useful options - I focused on .eps and .svg.

If I import (File / Import / Get Vector File) the .svg file, it imports the picture, but not the text.
This is probably expected according to this article:

Importing the .eps file doesn't work at all, though. I get Fatal Error, Importing file: C:/Dummy.eps failed!
I also tried opening the svg in Inkscape and exporting to .eps there, as suggested here:
but this didn't work either - same error. I'm not sure what is wrong as the error message doesn't say.

Both .eps files seem to be OK, as opening them in IrfanView works normally.

The files can be found here:

What's the best way to go about this? Any help is appreciated.

I had no issue with copying the copying and pasting the graphic with right click and used copy from the .odg file opened in LO and then pasting directly into Scribus. In Scribus I had to use CTRL-v

Interesting. If I try to follow your steps, I am unable to paste.

1. Open Dummy.odg in Draw
2. Select the graphic, right click, select copy
3. Open Scribus file, Ctrl-V doesn't work (and the paste option is frozen in the Edit menu).

Did I follow your steps correctly?
Do I need to enable anything in particular to allow pasting from clipboard?
If relevant, I am not able to paste pictures from clipboard either (e.g. if I try to paste a screenshot).

I was able to paste the object if I created an image frame, using right click, "Paste Image from Clipboard" option.
But then it behaves as an image, not as graphic + text.

I've come a few steps forward by switching to Scribus 1.5.7.

In this version I am able to import both .svg and .eps file formats by using File / Import / Get Vector File.
And both versions import text together with the graphic.

Importing svg didn't offer me any options, while importing the .eps file did. I had an option to import text as vectors or as text. Here I selected to import text as text.

However, when I export to PDF, the text on the graph is not selectable, it behaves as an image.

The rest of the document is selectable just fine.

I tried two versions of the graph - one that uses the same font as is already used in the document (and is selectable) and the other version where the font is different from the rest of the text. What I noticed in the second scenario is that the font that is used in the image is not shown in the list of fonts in the document.

Any further help is welcome. I added "Dummy.sla" and "Dummy.pdf" to the shared folder, they reflect the second scenario.

I'm on scribus 1.5.5, there might be diferences in how this is handled. I've noted that scribus treats the copied object as a group of objects. The elements are available to edits via the "Outline" window.

Now for some clarification, as you are asking to make the text selectable in a pdf.  For what reason do they need to be selectable?


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