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Importing idml as well as the images and fonts - New to Forums :)

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Okay, I spent half the day editing.
What I did was open the PDF version indesign file in Scribus then I manually changed all the text/format.

I'm stuck now.  Does anyone have a simple way to connect a text frame to another part of the SLA file or pdf file?
Basically looking to manually make a table of content.

Sorry again for the noob question, I just can't find an easy solution or a solution I understand.


EDIT:  Okay, I figured out how to setup a TOC/Bookmarks

Now when I try to do the internal hyperlink to certain pages, all the hyperlinks go to page 2.
This happens even when I set the proper page number.

Any tricks I'm missing? Cheers :)


Thank you!
Be well :)

Happy new year!

Hello again :)

Okay, so I've figured out bookmarks and hyperlinks (to pages).

Luckily, I've been saving as different file names, but now my newest save,
the one with the bookmarks and hyperlinks, doesn't seem to be editable.

The text seems to group up and I can't open Story Editor.

I really don't want to have to go back and re-do bookmarks and hyperlinks, but
so is there a way to unlock or something the newest file?

Thanks so much!
Be well :)

Happy New Year
Best regards,
Kevin H.

Thanks everyone,

I think everything is working now to my needs.

Happy new year :)
Kevin H.


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