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Importing idml as well as the images and fonts - New to Forums :)

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I am new to the forums and my name is Kevin.

I have an idml file with the fonts and images in separate folders.

May I ask how to import everything so the original design (that was in an indd format) look correct?

Sorry, I searched the forums and couldn't figure it out.
I can't import anything for some reason.

Edit: So, I realized I probably need to open the idml file first then click the import buttons (which were greyed out before) but now after opening the idml file they are still greyed out (can't click).
I do notice that even duplicate of the idml files say converted beside the file title. Not sure if this is important.
(sorry, I'm really new to Scribus)

Edit #2:  Okay, so I put the fonts and images in the root folder and it sort of worked.
Some fonts didn't work and some images didn't show.
Perhaps I should just sign up for a trial version of InDesign :(

I have Scribus and I'm on MacOS Monterey.

Thank you so much for reading this.
I hope you and your family stay well.

Best regards,
Kevin H.

As far as I know, there is no way to import an INDD or IDML file into Scribus.

All I know is that you can open an IDML file with Affinity Publisher, export the document as a PDF and open the PDF with Scribus. The text looks a bit weird, but the rest is ok.

Scribus has, as far as I know, limited support form IDML import. I found this thread from several years ago. So you would probably need a development version.,573.msg2640.html#msg2640

hey thanks ToyotaDesigner and Nermander :)

Nermander, I think I saw a similar post when researching yesterday.

Do you happen to know where I can get a download link?

Thank you :)

hi kevin

there was a bug which leaded to a crash. but in the newer .svn versions it is fixed and you can open ('file' → 'open', not 'import') .idml files.
i almost never need it, but it works. i just tested it with scribus1.5.8.svn-r24780.



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