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Preventing single word lines

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            x              (x)                    Quick and dirty solution: Adjust the font size a bit, try shrinking the font in the paragraph by half a point or one point if needed. Most readers wont notice the size difference unless they really are paying attention.


sometimes there could be only some characters on the last line if hyphenation is active. In that case I play with "Text Properties / Advanced Settings", namely "Word Tracking" and "Glyph Extension".

Maybe the OP wants Scribus to also consider the number of characters on the last line while calculating the "Word Tracking" and "Glyph Extension" values for the paragraph lines.
Might be a cool feature, but I think one has always optimize manually.

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Thanks everyone for the replies!
What I have been doing manually and what I would wish Scribus would do, would be to adjust hyphenation, word tracking and gylph extension in such a way that the last line consists of either a word with a certain minimum amount of characters or two words, but avoiding a short single word or hyphenated word part.
From what I understand there is no feature like that and manual adjustment is the way to go.


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