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Image frame cross lines not appearing (not possible to "get image")

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--- Quote from: RodneyLee on December 13, 2021, 04:45:31 pm ---can you turn down the quality of the images, as it's really just a maker to the real image (relative path) (image-preview setting) and see if the images load, also make sure show images is on :)

--- End quote ---

Again thanks a lot RodneyLee. If I turn down the quality of the images (have to find out how to do that) that doesn't affect the quality when I export the file as a PDF to the printer, right? It only adjusts the quality in the ".sla" whilst viewing? Where do I find the "show image" option you are referring to?



Thanks again for the response. My version 1.4.8 doesn't provide the option mentioned. Under the "item" menu I have the "update image" and "image effects", not the option as you state. Perhaps because I use the "stable version" instead of the latest one?

RodneyLee, perhaps a rather forward question, but would you be willing to spend let's say 30 minutes to have a look at my screen online to see what I'm doing wrong? I'm located in the CET Timezone (GMT + 1 hour).

would you send me your file instead and I'll grab 1.4.8 and test it, either that or you might grab 1.5.8 just remember to use a backup file

Thanks again RodneyLee for your kind reply. As said I'm a beginner so therefore I may not understand the approach of sending you the file. The sla file itself doesn't encompass the images, but incorporates links to the images. So if I send you the sla file without pictures and your computer for example has a bigger memory than still no cause is known. On your computer it may work and on mine it may not. I suppose the image quality when opening Scribus may have some influence since opening the file takes quite some time. But the option to make the resolution lower whilst working in Scribus (merely the preview) I can't find.

All in all the "beginner" status is killing me on this project. I clearly underestimated the troubles I would run into.


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