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Image frame cross lines not appearing (not possible to "get image")

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I'm an absolute Scribus beginner. I've been using the program now for about two months. I have the issue that the cross lines in the "image frame" are not appearing. Perhaps I accidentally changed some settings without realising it? How come the cross in the "image frame" is not showing and could that relate to my issue of images not appearing when using the "get image"function?

I de-installed the stable version of Scribus 1.4.8 I use in Windows and re-installed 1.4.8 it once more to check if the program was corrupted by any chance. Unfortunately that doesn't resolve the issue for the cross lines in the image frame not appearing.

I am racing against the clock to get a photobook ready to give a friend as a present, unfortunately this issue is causing me not to be able to incorporate images.

Thanks in advance for any reply, Ronald.

have you tried "Fit image to frame" if the cross lines are not showing up, maybe the image is loaded into the frame, just too big to see?

Thanks RodneyLee for your reply. All clues are highly appreciated since I'm really running out of time. The crosshairs in the image frames initially appeared. After adding a certain number of images to the project the crosshairs stopped appearing, however as you suggested I could still "fit" the images to the frame. Currently after using the "get image" command it doesn't even actually get the image so I can't adjust the the image to the frame or the other way around.

Could this be related to the specification of my computer? Insufficient memory or such items? Currently the document is 70 pages with about 150 photo's.

Very odd but when resizing the images that don't load to 60% it works. That would draw the conclusion that it's a memory issue of my computer, however the images that do load without issues can be added again so that would contradict the memory issue. Is anybody here familiar with making a book with a significant amount of pictures and running into the same / similar issue? Resizing pictures can't be the way to go otherwise there's little sense in creating a photobook.

can you turn down the quality of the images, as it's really just a maker to the real image (relative path) (image-preview setting) and see if the images load, also make sure show images is on :)


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