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Hyphenation for multiple textframes at a time and exceptions by style


As far as I understand I have to select each text box and go to Extras/Hyphenate Text. Is there are more efficiant way to do that? I would think that the general settings in the document setup or for the textframe or style itself should already do the job...?
Also, I have text frames with different styles and while I want everything in the style "regular text" hyphenated, I do not want to hyphenate other text that is in the style "heading". Any way to tell Scribus to do that?

Thanks in advance!

You can specify the hyphenation for each text style in the »Style Manager«.
In the »Document Settings« you can activate the hyphenation.
In addition you can select any text frame and override your settings in the »Text Properties«

I have those settings checked and as I was testing it again, I realized it works if I'm typing directly in Scribus. However if I paste the text into the textbox or story editor, it does not automatically hyphen and I have to trigger hyphenation manually.
Since I never type the main content directly in Scribus, the problem remains that I have to trigger hyphenation manually for each text box.

Concerning exceptions for certain styles, I didn't find a way to just turn off hyphenation for a style, so I just set the "smallest word" to 50's a work around and I'm surprised there is no proper way to turn it off. But it works

You can have Scribus check the document (select a text frame) and hit »Hyphenate Text«

Yes, this is what I mean, when I say I need to trigger hyphenation manually, I have to select the text frame, go to extras, hyphenate text. When working with many text frames that are not linked, this gets a bit tiresome, hence the question if there is an easier solution.


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