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Brand-new user, and having read the manual and wiki I'm stuck on how to insert a glyph.  To make it simple I created a text box and in the Edit-Insert mode I pulled up the Windings2 font set that has the symbol I want - a box with an X in it.  I can double click and insert it but in the edit window all that shows up is an empty box and the same in the main window.   When I try to print-preview it says "missing fonts" yet the Wingings2 font is there when I look in File-Preferences-Fonts.

I must be missing a step but can't figure out what - thanks for any help!



You seem to be focused on how you can do in MS Word.

Scribus uses UNICODE representation for glyphs and the fonts needs to contain the glyph you want for it to show.

So essentially you need to insert the corresponding character (with the relevant character code) and then manually change the font to Wingdings2.