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Difference between print to pdf and export to pdf


Hello there
Scribus seems to offer two ways of generating a PDF:
1) file > print select "file" and "PDF"
2) file > export > PDF.

Can anyone in this forum explain the difference between the two? And why do we have two different options?
I'm using Scribus on UbuntuStudio 21.01.

Thanks in advance

I don't know if it is a feature of Scribus.  Microsoft Windows comes with a built in Print to PDF driver and Ubuntu may as well.  It may just be a part of your system.  If your regular word processor offers the same option, then that would be the case.

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--- Quote from: peterbirch on December 09, 2021, 09:46:10 pm ---Can anyone in this forum explain the difference between the two? And why do we have two different options?

--- End quote ---

As steven8 says, the first one is not a function of Scribus, it is because your computer has a "printer driver" for printing to PDF.

If you open PDFs created the two different ways and look at the properties you will likely the differences.

Exporting to PDF is the recommended way, because that is where Scribus have 100% control over the generated PDF. The other solution is most likely "Print to postscript that is then on the fly converted to PDF".

Thank you for two very useful answers.

The reason I asked is this:
When I export, the output PDF-file is rejected by the printing company. I have checked every setting in the export dialog, and everything is set as recommended by the company. I cannot see any errors in the PDF, and it is shown perfectly well no matter which PDF reader, browser I use. Yet it is rejected. The file is corrupt beyond repair and cannot be uploaded, it says. That's it.
I then tried to upload a file created by the print option. Everything went smoothly.

The next step for me must be to ask the printing company for a more informative error message, so we can find out if the problem lies in the file or in their control system.

Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated


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