How Resize/clip a page to the image frame.

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I have a snip/picture of my "cad" software that I using in my help files. I want to add text and draw arrow on the picture. The text has to be formatted in a certain way, text color, white background text frame edge has to be a certain color. Using GIMP for this was too ideal and I was recommend trying to use desktop publishing software to fix the problem. Here I am using scribus and adding text and drawing shape is much nicer but I want to export as a jpeg just the image itself. I don't care about the page layout at all the pictures will be used in an html help page.
My question is how to resize/clip the page to the image frame. I don't want to have the image or text resized.



I think you would be better off using Inkscape instead of Scribus for such a task. Inkscape can export into a bitmap format of your choice.


Thanks. I ended up using Scribus and then cropped the images using GIMP.