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In the good old PageMaker days, it was easy to print an A5 booklet onto A4 sheets, because PageMaker could provide the right sequence of pages.

Then came Indesign, and maybe it was because I did not look close enough, the thing seemed to be that it was not as easy anymore.

Then I got tired of using a program I could not afford and I moved to Scribus, a couple of years ago now.

Scribus can definitely not achieve all the niceties Indesign offers, among which going from A5 pages to A4 sheets for printing on one's home printer.

Now, if somebody can show me that I am mistaken and there is an easy way to do that to be found somewhere, let me know...

Otherwise I have written a little "program" that does that. It is to be found on Github, under "Scribus_to_Print".

Check it out and let me know.

Thank you!


hi jeanpaulbardou

as the main goal of scribus is to generate high quality .pdf files and most .pdf readers provide a 'brochure-printing' function, i never missed a similar function in scribus tself...



Yes, but almost nobody prints from Scribus, all seasoned users create a PDF and print from the PDF viewer. And most PDF viewers have booklet printing.

So an easier solution is to get a better PDF viewer.


I keep having issues with printing my A5 booklet on A4 at home. I tried to find Jeanpaulbardous thing on Github, but there was nothing there.

My problem is that the document is always scaled down when I use the brochure printing function. I tried Adobe Reader, PDF24 and printing directly from Scribus and it always shrinks the pages, even when I specify that it should be printed in actual size.
I can print the document on A5 paper with no issues, so there should no conflict with the printer margins.

Is there any program that will allow me to print brochure without shrinkage? Or is there any other solution? (currently working on a project with 60 pages, so I don't really want to rearrange the pages or the page printing order manually, just to make a test print at home...)


hi ewac

i often use jpdftweak to split and reorder multi page documents for classical book binding. you could use it just for booklet reordering your .pdf files.



I produce an ~24 - 36 page A5 community magazine that is now professionally printed (duplex on A4), collated, stapled and folded. The printing company does the imposing now, but in the days it was printed by a local hobby-job print shop I used to use Booklet Imposer (as described on and have since used it for other similar print jobs.

I'm not sure if it's available for Windows, but it is certainly available for Debian and is in the Arch User Repository (which is where I got it from).

There are also imposing sites online - one I frequently use is