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Increasing font sizes for menus and palettes


I have a problem in increasing font sizes for menus and palettes. I have found the way to do this via Preferences -  the default font size is 10pt. I would like to increase to say 12pt, but when I do so the 'apply' button vanishes of the bottom of the screen. I move the window as far as possible to top of screen but 'Apply' remains invisible even when I temporarily make the tool bar disappear. Most windows of this type have a facility to be able to drag the window to make it smaller, but the preferences window does not have that ability. Any ideas please?

Meho R.:
Which operating system are you using? If it's Linux, there is usually a way to move windows with Modifier Key (Alt or Win) pressed, then dragging with mouse (left mouse button pressed). You should be able to move a window (including Scribus's Preferences) indefinitely this way.


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