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I dug around the Blurb website and found this little gem
"Microsoft Word sometimes has issues creating a compliant PDF file. Create a PDF/X-1a file when exporting. Some users have had success by printing to a postscript file and using Adobe Distiller to create a compliant PDF."
are you exporting your work as a PDF/X-1?

I'm not sure if this is the same problem that I recently experienced but ....

In my monthly magazine I produce two pdfs. One goes to the printer, and the other is to go online.

We usually proof read the version for print (because I can't fix it without spending money once it's printed) and assume that the online version is the same as I make no changes once the print version has gone to the printer.

The printed magazine was coming back to us just as I expected, but we found that one of the adverts in the online version was showing as gobbledegook.

It turned out that I was not embedding a font which was only used in that advert. The assumption is that the printer has that font in his catalogue, but the server the online version is hosted on does not. Embedding the font seems to have cured the problem.


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