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Choosing from dropdowns

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Well, no, in this case I don't have any other ideas.

You might try this: Click in the menu bar on the very top of the program window »Edit«, then use the »cursor down« arrow -> as soon as i.e. the »Colors and Fills« is selected, press »Enter«.

I can get to the menu "Colors and Fills" with the mouse. It's when I get in there, and go for the menu "Merge Colour Set", that I cannot choose between say "Shades of K/Tango/X11".

Sorry, I misunderstood what you meant. Yup, that part with the Color Sets doesn't work at all. As far as I remember, the last time it was fully functional was in version 1.4XX.

that explains it, then i know it is not me.

thank you for your help. 8)


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