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I'm relatively new to Scribus, but I am enjoying it already.
I am not able to use dropdown menus, once I open them, i cannot use the mouse, only the arrow keys, but then I don't know how to select a choice, if I press enter it just opens to change the name. For example on Edit>Colours and Fills>Merge Colour Set.

I am on a mac. I suspect there is a way or a setting that i am missing. Thank you for your help.

Which macOS version do you run?
Which Scribus version do you run?

macOS BigSur 11.2.3
Scribus Version

thanks for trying to figure out what is going on  :)

OK, I don't run BigSur, but Catalina. Procedure should be identical.

Go to »System Preferences« -> In the bottom left corner »Click the lock to make changes«, then »Click Security and Privacy«, then click the tab »Privacy«.

Follow the screenshots below and check if your settings are identical.

Or just reboot.

In addition it might help to install the current svn:

Scroll down and select »Scribus15xNightly_Mojave-20211008-r24739.dmg«, download and install it. In case the system should ask you: Allow every access to the system. First time, open the app with a right click and then open, then agree. Your system will memorize it, it's a one time task.

Dear toyotadesigner,

thank you for your instructions, although they haven't given the results we wished.

Under System Preferences/Security and Privacy/Privacy, the setting for Files and Folders, I only have the option to check "Documents" and "Desktop". The setting for Screen Recording was off, but is now on, and I have downloaded the current svn. And rebooted. But no luck, I still can't use the mouse in the color dropdown menu. (And if you know how i can select with the keyboard, that could also be useful). Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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