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cropping images to the visible part on export

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--- Quote from: Dogil on November 27, 2021, 12:43:16 am ---If I may add: I feel like the quality-loss-by-image-recompression argument is moot because:
1. you should work with lossless compression formats anyway
2. if the loss in quality becomes visible, you already have not enough resolution or a too high compression rate set.

--- End quote ---
If the function was implemented not considering this, the forums would be flooded by users complaining that their JPEG images look crappy in the PDF (becuase they are not aware of that ticking the "crop images to fram" function will suck on their from camera JPEG images).

--- Quote ---3. you could just crop on block boundaries as detailed above.

--- End quote ---
Yes, but that should then be automatic within the function. Scribus in Open Source, anyone can contribute to the function.

GhostScript devs say this functionality will not be implemented in GS:

"This isn't really feasible. There is no way to know, at the time the image is encoutnered, what portion of it will eventually be visible.

This problem is compounded by the PDF transparency model, we really can't tell whether the portion of the image lying under another object is obscured or contributes to the rendering of that object.

With a great deal of analysis I'm sure this is technically possible, but it would almost certainly require a two pass approach (at least) to identify the Z order of each object, and to determine whether the transparency in force at the time obscrued the underlying image or not.

I'm afraid this is far too much work for what I would have to say is a minority feature"


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