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Installing 1.4.8 on Ubuntu Linux in November 2021


I have version 1.4.8 on my Windows machine and I need to be able to exchange files with my Scribus on a newly installed Ubuntu system - in both directions. I have installed Scribus on the Linux machine but the version that installs is 1.5.5 so files it creates cannot be read under windows. The installation instructions on the web list three possible installations - Scribus 1.4.x, Scribus-ng 1.5.x and Scribus trunk so I'd like to understand why Scribus (no -ng, no -trunk) is installing a 1.5.5 executable and what I need to do to either a) get 1.5.5 on Windows or 1.4.8 on Linux.

hi philogos

i would install scribus 1.5.7 on the windows computer.


Hi Philogos,

I did a package search for ubuntu 20.04 and 1.5.5 is the only scribus listed. Ubuntu 18.04 still has 1.4.6. I agree with utnik regarding installing the newest version on both OS's. Snap or Flatpak will get you the latest version for Ubuntu, the flatpak is what I have been using for a couple years in Linux Mint.




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