PDF links not working properly

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Adding links to another page of my document doesn't seem to work correctly. I temporarily changed my document's units to points so that I could choose the destination of the links precisely, but the two mesurements don't line up. The maximum number of pts I can choose when creating the link is far less than the equivalent of the height (for example) of an A4 page mesured in pts for all pages except for the one the link is located on (which seems to be normal). The preview window is far too small to be of any use except to see what page I'm on, and even then, it is not always the best. Basically, it seems like Scribus confuses the X and Y values for every page except for the one the link is on (which I first click on the link, it will look correct, but the values I inputted are not there, and if I change the page of the link, then the behavior I already mentioned happens, such that the width of the page is also taken to be its height).