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Hi all, I'm wondering if there is a way to apply the same master page to the entire document excluded the first page (I'm talking about a magazine...). My master page is actually the same for both sides, so the unique "advantage" of two distinct master pages, one for each side is that Scribus check returns errors in case I rearranged pages during the layout process.
To solve I re-apply "left side master page" to all the odd pages from page "3" to the end, and the same for the pages on right side, I apply the "right master page" to the even pages from 2 to the end of document.
Now, If my right and left master pages are actually identical... I could apply just one master page for all the document pages, from "page 2" to the end. So that even after various changes of pages position I should not have Scribus errors at check time related to any master page applied to the wrong side...

Is there a way to solve that little issue?
Thanks in advance!  :)


Quote from: scriber on November 25, 2021, 07:33:14 PM
Is there a way to solve that little issue?
What you describe is not an issue - it's a core feature and required for generating both print ready copy and 'readable' PDFs . Even if you have identical margins and layout on the master pages - they are still actually different, they are left and right pages as defined in the master page config - and the generated PDF will include this information and display appropriately (print shops use it too ..).

If you are pages were *truly* identical and truly didn't have a left and right - then the document would be 'single page' and you'd dispense with the side by side view - but you stated this is a magazine so that doesn't apply.




Thanks for your reply!
OK I got it...
I'll stay with my current "workflow":
- move pages as needed during layout
- and apply master pages for all the pages range: right MP for all the even pages and left for all the odd ones.

That's all, Thanks again!