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Ricardo Valezzi

I installed scribus on another computer and try to recover an old file but the photos do not appear. How can I find the name of the folder that was linked to the .sla file? I have the .sla file and the photos in folders within the same directory. I'm using the image management tool but it's all too slow. Thank you!


Are you definitely sure that the photos are in the folder? If you open the image management tool the first time, the original folder name will be displayed, so you can check if it exists.

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Ricardo Valezzi

Thank you for your reply. I think I'm going to solve it with what you tell me. I have to show the path to scribus to capture the images from the new directory. If it doesn't solve it, I'll let you know. Thanks very much, my friend.


Hi - there is a way to update the location all of the images in an sla file ... it's not pretty but it's effective..

  • *Copy* your sla file to a directory somewhere .. seriously .. copy .. you're going to do something unspeakable, and getting it wrong will ruin your file
  • Open your favourite text editor ... almost anything would be better than notepad .. but it would work
  • Open the sla file in the text editor  ... you're now looking at the XML that Scribus reads
  • Find the elements that define your pictures... in my sla's the images are defined with an attribute called "PFILE". Search for that and see what it says .. mine are relative references to an image file: .. Pagenumber="0" PFILE="../processed/image/Test/Rook01163.1.eps" IRENDER="0" ...
  • Update the pfile references to point to the new location of the images ... global find and replace 'PFILE="../processed/image' with 'PFILE="../somenewfolder/image'
  • Save the sla file ... and then open in Scribus

I've done that a couple of times when I've moved the image folder or the SLA and it worked for me.