Change directory window opens on 2nd monitor behind existing open windows?

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When I export to PDF, I save PDF's in a separate folder than where I keep my .sla files. When I hit the CHANGE button  the window that allows me to change  the destination will open on my secondary monitor. Which if nothing is open on that monitor, no be deal, but as I work remotely, if I have my remote log-in open, the only way to get to change destination window is to quit the remote session.

Sometimes the Font selection window wqill open  in a similar fashion behind the remote session, but will only do it one time only and then open  after that on primary monitor

Is there a way to anchor everything on one monitor?

I am on a Mac (and if important - the remote sessions is a MS app as the company server is MS.  The remote session blocks out all icons if opened on the primary monitor)

It would help workflow?