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First of all, I don't know what category this should go in, so please feel free to change it or correct me.

Is there a way to make Scribus embed features such as small caps into PDFs? When I export my document as a PDF, the small caps (I used the OpenType small caps, not the fake ones) can not be highlighted or selected. It would seem that they are not longer "text". This happened with multiple fonts in the same document. Attached are some screenshots so you can see what I mean.


Can you select other text in the PDF document?
Is the PDF document password protected?

From what I understand the screenshot shows the selection (in red), but the small caps of the word PDF are white because they were not included in the selection.

All of the text can be selected except the text in small caps, no matter what character or paragraph style I used.

No, the PDF is not password protected (I didn't add one).

Not only is the word PDF not in the selection, it can't be selected at all (nor can any of the other words in small caps).

That is very strange.

Could you embed the small caps font in the PDF?


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