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Hi everyone,

I saw rafferty's nice scripts/GUI application for generating calendars, and thought maybe I can make something which generalizes into all kinds of calendar designs or layouts. Personally, I am working on a bullet journal for 2022, and have to generate 12 months with date lists for each day + a year calendar at the beginning - ideally, I want to just auto-generate the bullet journal for 2023 next year without changing the layout. :-)

The scripts searches for any "text templates" inside a given selection such as "$w1" which you can think of a bit like a special character for page numbering (see page below). The scripts identify them and replace them with the real text, decided by what month or year you chose. This should make it them quiet flexible for a lot of use cases. The repository includes some Scribus objects which I used to built the bullet journal, and can be used as a starting point for your own layouts.

I made this to save myself time, but I hope it might be of some value to the scribus community too. It doesn't cover all cases yet but pull requests are welcome, if you come up with handy adaptions or find bugs.