Frame of image tool gets printed cut on 2 sides.

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My company and our customers are facing this boring glitch on some ".sla" files.
When we try to print a text with an image next to it we see sometimes a 2 side frame on the border of the image in the print preview (Scribus preview and our Printer Driver's preview. eg: image with top and left side of the image frame or bottom right).

Here is an example of a png image being printed with the half frame:

The real problem is that we can't troubleshoot the error because it seem to happen randomly.
There are days in which we can print over 50 different files using Scribus without any problem and sometimes we face this glitch and can't print correctly.

I've tried to look for a solution here and on the web but it seems no one has ever faced this kind of issue.


I'd check the suspected images in a separate image viewer. I'll bet they have a bit of a black border around them. The collection you have may have been scraped off a site and may have a few with flaws in them for the scrapers to grab.check the images and let us know what you find.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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We have had a similar discussion just recently here:,4168.msg19348.html#msg19348

The user didn't post a feedback, so I assume that the problem originated in the image itself (too small, low resolution). Obviously, my supplied *.svg file solved the problem.