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An odd pink background color when I import a vector graphic

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Jeff in CA:
I have 21 line art anatomy graphics I created in Inkscape to import into my Scribus book project. None of these graphics were created using any colors; the lines are either all black or shades of gray (2 or 3 shades only). Background color is white or transparent (iirc I converted all to white but may have missed a few that may remain transparent).

I just imported graphic #1 and was surprised to see a light pink color filling the graphic. I assume this is a background color as my line drawing shows through it, but I suppose it could also be an overlay that allows the underlying graphic to show through. In the Properties dialogue box both the Line and Fill colors show as "None." When I choose the Fill icon, then choose "White" in the color options below, the letter identifyers in my graphic that will match the caption description below disappear, and here's the surprise: when I then go to "Edit > Undo set fill color" the letters reappear and the background becomes white (which is what I want).

> Any ideas as to why the pink background appears in the first place, why setting the Fill color removes my letter identifyers, and why Undoing setting the Fill color then gives me what should have been the correct background color upon importing? I'm stumped but would like to understand.

Attached is a section of the imported graphic with the pink background.

One final question: should I be concerned that despite being a vector file, it is fairly easy to see a pixelation effect on the vector lines? In Inkscape, these show as true vector lines with no pixelation no matter how much I enlarge the graphic.

I'm using the latest stable version 1.4.8, on a Linux machine with 8GB ram

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Jeff in CA:
OK.... I feel like a bit of a fool. I now realize there was nothing wrong with the background color and the light pink only represents that the graphic is selected and can be edited. Oddly, before posting I searched online and within this forum for "scribus + vector + light pink background" (or something very similar) and no useful info was returned. I also looked through the 3 scribus manuals I have here and none of them mention that vector graphics are highlighted in pink when selected. I was expecting something similar to the text boxes when they are selected (no shift in background color).

Recently I placed a complex SVG graphic in one of my documents. When I select the graphic, there is no pink background. When I double-click the graphic, the nodes appear, but no pink background.

There is no pixelation of the graphic at all, neither in normal view nor in ┬╗Preview Mode┬ź, no matter how far I zoom in, and not even in the exported PDF/X-4 file.

Jeff in CA:
Interesting, toyotadesigner. Are you talking about an Inkscape vector graphic you imported to Scribus? For me, when I click inside the imported graphic the background turns pink and perimeter nodes appear (all elements are grouped); when I click outside the graphic the background and nodes disappear.

No, it is a vector graphic from Affinity Designer, exported to the *.SVG format. I don't have enough knowledge about the *.SVG format, but I remember that it had many options for the export into this format.

I have attached the Rollei logo with the same settings, maybe you can place and click it without changing the color.

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