Calculations / values not updating in real time

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I made the pdf that is suppose to calculate the values in real time.

Original document I made some time ago was working fine, so I have duplicated it and made new one with different layout and some other changes. The  I have noticed that when I correct number used in calculation, in cell/table then value is not getting updated.

In this doc values not updating are at the bottom

I found the workaround.

Cells used in calculations need to be updated from the beginning of chain.
In this case I have updated Calculate Tab starting with
Sub total > ExVAT > Vat > Total
Thing is: anything braking that chain - in this work around - like correcting something [can recall exact trigger but cell tooltip doesnt trigger] in the middle triggers that all the process have to be repeated.

QT 5.9.7
Scribus 1.5.5
GS 9.27
Win 10 / 64bit
soft: Foxit

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