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Manage Images (v. 1.4.8)


I began using the "Manage images" under "Extras." However, there are  _image boxes_ that I'd like to delete from the manager since there actually _is_ no image (for instance: the manager shows that I have two of the same image on my page 1, when there is actually only 1, and there are boxes that mention images that aren't even on by computer or the extra flash drives I've used. I cannot figure out how to delete those spaces (boxes) however. <<I have hopefully been successful in included a screen shot to help you see the problem.>>

hi whyz

most probably those doubled images and empty frames are in your layout. you need to delete them there. (just move the image on page one and see, if there is another one below…)
if you cant find them on your pages, go to 'windows' → 'outline' and select them from there. a double click on an item in the 'outline' panel will select and center the item in your main window.


Thanks! I looked on my page and _did_ find those empty image blocks and blocks that were supposed to have images in them (but were empty themselves), and deleted _them_, and just as you said, the extra boxes are gone in the manager! I don't  know why I didn't ask this months ago!!  ;D

Hi Utnik, thanks a lot for the trick with the »Outline«. Didn't even know the feature exists, but it comes in handy from time to time.


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