Sudden crash

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I have been using Scribus for many years. It was working yesterday and it is impossible to open this morning. I was using version 1.5.5. on Windows 10.

Only the window for creating a new document opens but without the main scribus window as usual. When I click on OK the window disappears.

When opening Scribus with the console I notice at the end of the output that the files lab.png, spot.png and register.png are not found. The output is finished with:
Warning: Unsupported ICC profile class 70727472
Warning: QPngHandler: Failed to parse ICC profile
Warning: Retrying to obtain clipboard.

I have un-installed 1.5.5 and re-install it (and 1.5.7) the results are exactly the same

I am working on a document that I have to produce by tomorrow!

Many thanks for any help.


I have reloaded 1.4.7 and it is OK.
None of the 1.5.x versions are working.
By copying the missing files from 1_5_0 to 1_5_1 the corresponding error messages desappear.
Are there any explanation for this behaviour?
It seems that the ICC profile is wrong
What is a correct ICC profile?

Manythanks for any help.


By reading the last PT50 post called 1-4-8 not responding where the reported symptoms seems similar to mine (overnight crash) I applied the same remedy i.e after having uninstalled all scribus versions I also removed the ../AppData/Roaming/Scribus. Then I re-installed scribus 1.5.7 and miracle!! it worked!!

Many many thanks to PT50