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Will page imposition ever be a built-in feature?

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For many operating systems. Free download, some nag screens. But definitely better than turning Scribus unstable with unnecessary features.

For booklet printing a lot of the available solutions work, but I have not found many solutions that can mange issues like creep and collating marks.

I made some scripts a few years ago (I think they are in the Scribus wiki) that did impositioning of postscript files, including creep, signature numbers and collating marks.

They used pstops for the core work, if someone would write a pdftopdf with the same features as pstops most of my scripts could probably be adopted to work on PDF. But I have not yet found a pdftopdf that supports all the options.

jPDKtweak comes close though, maybe more recent versions support command line options like pstops (I haven't looked into this for several years).


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