File opening hangs on 1.5.5 (on Ubuntu)

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I've been trying to open a 75 page document on Scribus that I've been working on for some weeks. It is generally slow to load, but now it's hanging completely. It stalls at 28%, then again at 35%... sometimes gets to 98%... but refuses to complete. I usually I give up and kill it  after several minutes of waiting. (I have several autosave versions,and backups of the file. Some are still loading but they're old versions and require a lot of repeat work.

I've read that 1.4.6 is the stable version. Is it worthwhile to uninstall 1.5.5, revert to 1.4.6 and try to open this document on the stable version? I'm at my wits end here. I've lost a lot of work.

I did try to search this issue, and found really nothing other than the undo function corrupting files. Which may be at the heart of what's happened here. Ugh.


Nevermind, I traced the problem to a corrupted text box.