PDF form printing issue - some characters missing

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I am experiencing a strange issue. I have a PDF form made in Scribus (Scribus Portable 1.5.5) using Czech national characters and just standard fonts like Arial. Printing the "fixed" text is fine in all cases but some of my colleagues tell me that the content of the form fields does not print correctly and some of the national characters are missing on the printed paper. However, printing the same using different PC + printer gives fine result. We have the same Windows 10 on all PCs and also the same latest Acrobat Reader DC so I absolutely have no idea what could be the problem.

I attached the PDF file and the testing phrase containing most of the Czech characters is:

QuotePříliš žluťoučký kůň úpěl ďábelské ódy. PŘÍLIŠ ŽLUŤOUČKÝ KŮŇ ÚPĚL ĎÁBELSKÉ ÓDY.

It is also strange that not all the national characters are missing, but only some - like "Č" for example.

Any ideas what could be wrong?  ???


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hi juhele

i didn't check – just a guess:
some of the embedded fonts are subsets only. i could imagine that all the special characters used in the static text are available in the form fields as well, while the unused ones are missing.



I would understand if the issue was with all the PCs but why some PCs/printers print it fine and some not?  :(

I used LibreOffice before for the same task and there was also issue with those characters but found out there is a long time opened bug report for that so it is know issue. And it happened always not just in case of some users.


I have never played around with forms, but do form fields really use the fonts that are embedded in the PDF?

My impression is that form fields are rather managed by the PDF viewer, and it may depend on the PDF viewer what fonts it uses?

But I may be totally wrong here.


so, luckily this seems to be "false alarm"  :D

We did several tests and found out it has to be some software related issue on that 2 particular machines and not PDF issue. No idea whether it was Windows or Adobe related bud I was told that after "some updates" (without further details :P ) it is solved.

At least I am lucky this is not a Scribus bug and also not my fault (anything wrong with the form I made).