Author Topic: Table Row/Cell Shading - Can't replicate existing format, has something changed?  (Read 42 times)


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Hi Folks,

I know that Tables in Scribus can be a bit 'quirky' but I have used them successfully on several occasions in the past. Unfortunately, in trying to produce a short tutorial for another user I've gone back into existing literature and now simply cannot replicate what I have produced previously. I know I can produce tables externally and import them as an image, I know I can change the background colour/transparency for a complete table, but that's not what I want in this instance.

I need to be able to produce alternating shaded rows, as per the attached image, and try as I might I simply can't reproduce the existing format. I'm currently on 1.5.7, I'm pretty sure that I used this to create the attached, although I guess it could have been 1.5.5.

I can call up properties for the table but not for individual cells or rows, so can't alter their shading.

I'm obviously missing something, but can't figure it out. Anybody suggestions anybody?

Thanks in advance.



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hi jeff

in the content properties (f3) you'll be able to change the background for a selection of cells.