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This "simple machines" forum interface seems to me anything but simple. I am a new user. I came here to ask a question. To ask a question effectively I need to embed a small screenshot in my post. I see a button where I can "attach" something. But no way to make it appear as an image in my post. Alt-p and the Preview button do nothing.  I see a button that would let me add an image. It inserts codes [ img ] [ /img ] (spaces added to prevent it from being treated as a code) with no clue as to how to provide the content therein.

Isn't there a perfectly ordinary "upload an image and insert it here" button somewhere in here? Or am I forced to do it in these two separate stages and somehow hook them together?

Running in Chrome under Windows 10 Home.



hi joymaker

did you see 'attachments and other options' below the input field?



Use the »Reply« button below the text area, not the »Quick Reply«. In a new post you should have the option to add attachments, but only at the end of your post, not in between.


I don't think the forum has direct support for showing attachments inline.

What you can do is maybe figure out the URL to the attachement, and then use IMG tags linking to it.